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Temperature Monitors and Motor Controls

TEMP, INC. has available its series 35 Temperature Monitor ,which have been industry standards for the last 28 years, and one of the first products developed by TEMP, INC.  In addition, newer microprocessor based units are available in the SMART-2 and SMART-3
with serial communications and software. The low cost, latching Model 15A-2 is available for
single point monitoring.

Series 35 Model and Type

3 Wire RTD

10 Ohm Copper RTD           
Model No: 2076A36H01 with Trip only
Model No: 2076A36H02 with Alarm & Trip

Model 2188A42H15 - Price: $ 2150.00 each

Model 2188A42H16 - Price:  $ 2500.00 each

100 Ohm Platinum RTD      
Model No: 2076A36H03 With Trip only
Model No:  2076A36H04 with Alarm & Trip

Model 2188A42H17 - Price:  $ 2150.00 each

Model 2188A42H18 - Price:  $ 2500.00 each

120 Ohm Nickel RTD          
Model No: 2076A36H05 with Trip only
Model No: 2076A36H06 with Alarm & Trip

Model 2188A42H19 - Price: $ 2150.00 each

Model 2188A42H20 - Price:  $ 2500.00 each

         Series 35 Temperature Monitor
3 digit LED display - 0-200 degrees C

The Series 35 Temperature Monitor is a solid state device used for the indication and alarm on the  6 RTD's embedded in the 3 phase motor windings (2 ea/phase)  The temperature set points for alarm and shutdown are located on the rear of the instrument.  The  3 digit temperature indicator is mounted on the front panel with a 5 pt. selector switch.  The indicator reads point PT (#1 probe), which is selected as the hottest point.  A  selector switch and pushbutton allow the other 5 points to be read on the meter.  The instrument can be supplied with inputs for 3 wire RTD's or for shorter distance  between monitor and motor.   2 wire RTD connections can be used, thus requiring only 6 wires and one common (7 total) from meter to monitor vs 18 wires for 3 wire  RTD system.


These are our most requested manuals for our Series 35 Temperature Monitors
These require the Adobe Reader to access.

Series 35 6 Point Monitor
Series 35 3 Wire Monitor

Instruction Manuals/Series 35 (6 Point) Temp. Monitor.pdf

Instruction Manual/Series 35 (3 Wire) Temp_Monitor.pdf

Motor Bearing/Winding Temperature Monitor

Part No: SMART-2 -101-000-DP4

This instrument is ideal for monitoring and protection of a motor end bearing over-heating problem.  The controller input is from a 100 Ohm platinum RTD sensor located at each of the end bearings.  It has two relay outputs which are used to provide the customer of an over-heating alarm condition and a second adjustable relay which is set at a higher temperature to provide a relay contact for the customer to use to shut down the motor before damage to bearings.  One instrument is required for each of the two card bearings.  Price: $ 195.00 each.

Instruction Manual for SMART-2 Temperature Monitor

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6 Point - Motor Winding Temperature Monitor

This instrument is available as a 6 point monitor for panel mounting.  All 6 points with alarm/trip functions.  The case size is 9" x 9.75" x 8" HWD with rear mount terminals for customer connection of alarm and trip relay contacts, power and 6 each 3 wire 100 ohm RTD's. 

Also available as 2, 3, 4 and 6 points.  Prices:  SMART-2-2A/T - $ 800.00;  SMART-2-3A/T - $ 950.00;               SMART-2-4A/T - $ 1200.00, SMART-2-6A/T - $ 1620.00.


Temperature Monitor
Motor Winding and Bearings


Price: $295.00

Display - 0.56" H  Red/Green LED's
Input - 100 Ohm 3 Wire RTD
Power - 120/240 VAC optional 12.24VDC
2 Relay outputs - N.O. and N.C. w/adjustable set points
Digital display of alarm set point
Lock-out feature for adjustments
Display probe fault condition
LED indication of alarm condition



The SMART-3 Temperature Monitor is used for monitoring of motor end bearings or motor winding RTD's to alarm and/or shutdown the motor due to over heating.  These are adjustable set points for individual SPDT relay outputs for an alarm function and a second adjustable relay set point for a second higher temperature to shut down the motor to prevent damage.

One instrument is required for each end bearing and one for each of the RTD's embedded in the motor windings.  The actual temperature of the RTD is displayed as well as the alarm temperature set point. 

Dimensions: (1/4 DIN) 3 3/4" H x 3 3/4" W x 3 1/8" D
Display: RTD Temperature - Red 0.56" H LED
Alarm Set Point Temperature: Green 0.4" H  LED

Option - 4-20ma transmitter output for remote monitoring of
RTD temperature by PLC or computer



Instruction Manual for SMART-3 Temperature Monitor

Motor Winding/Bearing Monitor/Alarm
3 Alarm Points
Over Temperature Alarm/Trip Controller
Relay Output
3 Each - 100 Ohm RTD Input
0-200 Deg. C
NEMA Wallmount Enclosure

Available for 6 Point or 8 Points

Description Of Operation

The temperature monitor system consists of a SMART-2 Digital
overtemp controller which has a relay output at terminals #4 and #5                                                  
located on the rear of the controller. This contact closes in an
over-temperature condition which applies 120VAC to the 120VAC
coil of the output relay, thus transferring the output relay contacts
to a alarm condition.

If any one of the 3 temperature controllers are in an alarm condition,        
the output relay will be placed in an alarm condition and the alarm light for that particular point will be lit.                                                     

The alarm temperature on the bottom digital display (SV).                      
The desired value is entered on the display by pressing the                                 Part No. SMART-2-3A/T
horizontal ?/font> keypad which will cause the digit to flash that will                              Price: $ 1150.00
be entered by use of up 8and down 9keypads. Press the horizontal                      Note: Can also be supplied
keypad to flash the proper digit to be changed (press SET keypad                                for thermocouple inputs
after numbers have been entered to store in memory)

The temperature of the RTD at the motor is displayed on the upper
digital display (PV) Range 0-200 Degrees C

*NOTE:  This instrument available as a 6 point Motor Winding Monitor for panel mounting.  The case size is 9" x 9" x 9" HWD with rear mount terminals for customer connection of alarm and trip relay contacts, power and 6 each 3 wire RTD's.   Part No. SMART-2-6A/T - Price:  $ 1620.00

Description of Operation
(Ref - Operating Flow Diagram)

Upper Display (PV) Displays the actual temperature as measured by the RTD sensor

Lower Display (SV) Displays the alarm temperature set point (preset at 90 Deg. C)

To observe the trip temperature Set Point (AL1), press the SET key
until upper display shows AL1 and the lower display will then indicate
the trip set point temperature which is preset at 120 Deg. C. Continue
to press the SET key to return to normal PV and SV display.

Customer Connections

 Connect 120VAC power to TS-2 terminal strip located in bottom
of panel and labeled 120V  H and N

Connect external alarm/trip circuit to output relay contacts located
on terminal strip TS-2 and  labeled C, N.C. and N.O.  These are
dry relay contacts rated at 10 amps@120VAC and provide a normally
open or normally closed contact for customer use.

Connect the 100 Ohm platinum RTD's to terminal strip TS-1.
Connect the RTD for #1 point to  terminals labeled #1 and #2. 
Terminal #3 is used for a 3 wire RTD.  If a 2 wire RTD is used,
no connection is required to the 3rd terminal #3, 6, and 9.

           #2 RTD is connected to terminals #4, 5, and 6
           #3 RTD is connected to terminals #7. 8, and 9


The Following products are other applications for motor protection


Model DM52A Over Current Trip/Relay Output
Digital Display
Programmable Trip Points
High Current Adjustable
Low Current Adjustable
Keypad Programmable

Price: $350.00


3 Phase Voltage Relay protects against Phase Loss
Phase Sequence
High/Low Voltage
Unbalanced Voltage

Digital Display of fault conditions
Digital Display of Phase Voltage
Scan rate: 5 seconds

Price: $225.00




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