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X99/3 3 Zone SCR Power Controller

 (Power Source 120/240 VAC, Single Phase)  

The X99/3 is a Three Zone SCR Power Controller
in a single package. It can also be supplied for more
 than 3 zones when required.  The standard package
has connections for 120 or 240VAC, Single Phase supply,
and each zone rated at 10 amps at 120 or 240VAC.

Zero voltage switching w/optimized firing for smoothest
proportioning action that virtually eliminates radio frequency
interferences (RFI) and can be supplied for a wide range
of resistive heating loads.




Plug-in Control Cards for each heating zone.


Remote Control Panel w/0-100% output meter
and bias/gain adjustments


Remote Control Panel adjustments can be used to set
maximum heater voltage on each zone.

bullet Small size - 3 heating zones in a 9" x 13" x 6" D  package




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