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 Digital Panel Meters


Temp, Inc. has the most extensive line of Digital Panel Meters available
on the market today.  If it is not available in our standard models, we can usually provide
a custom design for your exact requirements!


Temp, Inc. can provide Digital Panel Meters
and associated equipment in NEMA-wall mount,
floor mount, or portable enclosures per your requirement.



Standard models are available for AC and DC current and voltage
Our digital panel meters are designed to take the place of standard analog panel meters where a reliable, single range meter with increased accuracy and visibility is required at a comparable cost and no programming is required.

 Models are also available to operate from Electrical Transducers
 (see Temp, Inc.Transducers page) where  remote monitoring  of process variables are required.

All AC Ammeter models have
a 0-5 amp signal input range for direct connection to current transformer with 5 amp secondary.  List price: $195.00
Add $45.00 to price for matching current transformer  Add $ 95.00 for 300-400 amp current transformer

#Note: Model AA-10 has a range of 0-10.00 amps for direct measurement of A.C. current without a current transformer.

#Note: These specifications are for all M1 Series of Digital Panel Meters i.e
M1-AA, M1-AV, M1-TC and the M1-RR which accepts a 4-20ma input.


Accuracy (+ or -) 0.25% F.S. (+ or -) 1 digit
Sampling Time Abt. 0.8 sec. typically
Aux. power source AC 110/220V (+ or -) 10%m 50/60Hz
Power Consumption <AC 3 VA
Operating Temp. range 0-60 deg. C
Storage Temp. range -10 -70 deg. C
Temperature coefficient <100PPM/deg. C
Max. relative humidity 95%
Dielectric strength (IEC688)

AC 2KV/1Min
Input/power/output terminals
AC 3KV/1min
All terminals to case

Impulse (IEC 255-4) Common mode 1.2 x 50 micro-sec
Display 14.2mm (0.56") H red LED


Model M1-AA

Digital AC Ammeters
(A) Other ranges available if required
(B) Requires 115 or 230 VAC aux. power (less than 3VA)





Model No: Range
M1-AA-10 0-10 Amps
C.T. Not Required
M1-AA-60 0-60 Amps
M1-AA-100 0-100 Amps
M1-AA-200 0-200 Amps
M1-AA-400 0-400 Amps
M1-AA-600 0-600 Amps
M1-AA-2000 0-2000 Amps


Digital AC Voltmeter
Model M1-AC

One Range fits all



M1-AC-600 0-600 VAC

0-600 VAC


Digital AC Voltmeter - Model M1-AC
One Range fits all requirements!



3 Phase Digital Ammeters/Voltmeters
Display - 3 digits per phase
1/4 DIN case, depth 4 1/2 inches
Power - 120 vac, 240 ac

    DM-33A & 34V - Price:  $ 350.00                                                               

Part No: Input Display
DM - 33A 0 - 5 AMP AC Adjustable
DM - 34V

DM4 - 33A

0 - 600 VAC

0 - 5 AMP AC

0 - 600 VAC

3 - Displays

(A) Input: 0-5 Amps from standard Current Transformer
(with 5 amp secondary)
(B) 0-600 VAC direct connection-requires no potential transformer

*****Note***  DM4 - 33A  3 - Displays  2 Relay Outputs

Price::: $ 550.00

Meters With 3 Displays

CP-3V 3Phase Voltage Meter
CP-3A 3 Phase Current Meter
NEW!  Now Available for simultaneously display of both 3 phase current and 3 phase voltage.  Part No. DM4-34VA  Price: $ 600.00



Can change R(A), S(B), T(C) Phase Voltage or Current by front switch or 3-5 seconds auto.Cycle


RS-485 interface (Modbus) Option


ABS fire-retardant case (94-VO)


DIN case 96x48mm

Display: Red LED 0.56" (14.2mm) high
Max. Display  4 digits (9999)
Over range indication:  "O.L"
Conversion Rate: 1/sec. (A.C.)
Decimal Point Settable to any digit position by front switch
Output:  RS-485 or RS232 (Modbus) - Option
Accuracy:  AC (+ or -) 0.2% F.S. {23 (+ or -) 5 deg. C}
Operating Temp 0-50 deg. C/below 80% R.H. (No condensation)
Storage Temp. -10-60 deg. C/below 70% R.H.
(No Condensation)
Power Supply AC 115/230V (+ or -) 10% 50/60 Hz
Option: DC 12,24,48,120V (+ or -) 20%
Power Consumption Approx. 10VA
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V/1min (Input/Power)
Insulation Resistance More than 100M at 500VDC
Dimensions 98(W) x 48(H) x 144(D)mm
Panel Cut-Out 91.5(W) x 44(H)mm

1/8  DIN Digital DC Current Indicators
w/d.c. shunt


Accuracy (+ or -) 0.25% F.S.(+ or -) 1 digit
Sampling Time Abt. 0.8 sec. t
Aux. power source AC 110/220V (+ or -) 10% 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption <AC 3 VA
Operating Temp. Range 0-60 deg. C
Storage Temp. Range -10 -70 deg. C
Temperature Coefficient <100PPM/deg. C

Supplied with 0-50 MV d.c. Shunt
corresponding to display range.
Note: Other ranges available on request
Panel Cutout - 45 x 92mm 1.92" x 3.62"


Max. relative humidity 95%
Dielectric strength (IEC688) AC 2KV/1 min.
Input/power/output terminals
AC 3KV/1 min.
All terminals to case
Impulse (IEC 255-4) Common mode 1.2 x 50 micro-sec. 4KV
Display 14.2mm (0.56") H red LED
Part No: Input Display (A)
M1-DCA-30 0-50MV 0-30 Amps
M1-DCA-50 0-50MV 0-50 Amps
M1-DCA-75 0-50MV 0-75 Amps

D.C. Current Indicators
w/d.c. shunt

M1-DCA-100 0-50MV 0-100 Amps
M1-DCA-200 0-50MV 0-200 Amps
M1-DCA-300 0-50MV 0-300 Amps
M1-DCA-500 0-50MV 0-400 Amps



Depth - 3 3/4"


115/230VAC 50/60Hz power


Supplied with d.c. shunt (50MV) - Option


4 Digit LED Display


0.56" H - Red LED display


Plastic cover for customer connections


Accuracy (+ or -) 0.25% F.S. (+ or -) 1 digit


Easy to wire - screw type terminals


Standard 1/8 DIN Panel Cutout

List Price:  $195.00 (Add $40.00 50MV d.c. shunt)

Model DM52A
Programmable Digital Panel Meters
w/4-20 ma transmitter output and Hi and Lo relay outputs
Microcomputer Based


Display: 4 1/2" Digit Red LED
Easy front display scaling, decimal point, alarm set points and relay settings. Power: 120/240VAC
AC Volts: Direct Connection to 0-600VAC
No transformer required!  AC Amps: 5 amp input from current transformer by Temp, Inc. or customer Relay Outputs- 2 sets Hi and Lo

Model DM-52AV AC Voltmeter Model DM-52AA AC Ammeter
Input - 0-600.0 VAC Input: 0-5.000 Amps
Display programmable w/offset and full scale adjustments Display programmable w/offset and full scale adjustments
Price: $350.00 STD unit
Standard model includes Hi & Lo Relay
Adjustable outputs and 4-20 ma output



RS-485 (Modbus RTV Mode)


DC amps or volts


4-20ma input


Current Transformer 100/5, 500/5, etc. (Add $40.00)


bullet Analog output - 4-20ma, accuracy (+ or -) 0.1% F.S.
bullet Display - Red LED, 0.56" H
bullet Keypad/buttons - accessible behind flip-down cover
bullet Accuracy DC (+ or -) 0.05% F.S.
bullet Accuracy AC (+ or -) 0.1% F.S.
bullet Dimensions - 96 x 48 x 144 mm HWD
bullet Panel Cutout - 1/8  DIN STD  91.5 (W) x 44 (H) mm
bullet Output - Relays/Contact - 250 VAC at 1 Amp
DC30 V at 2 Amps
bullet Relay setting range - (-) 9999 to (+) 9999

These meters represent the latest and most advanced techniques for monitoring and control in
AC power systems.  These True-RMS meters are especially useful in monitoring voltage and
current supplied to motors or heaters by an SCR Power Controller.
There are two models: AC Voltmeter and AC Ammeter.  The 4 or 4 1/2
digit display plus programmable keypad sealing capabilities allow these
meters to be used in most industrial and laboratory applications. 
Optional RS485 Serial communications or 4-20ma analog output allows
for remote control, recording or computer interface.
The dual output relays are ideal for Hi/Lo alarm or ON/OFF control. 
The operating point of the relays is settable from front keypads.  The standard ranges available
are 0-5 amp AC and 0-600 VAC but other ranges and d.c. models are also available.


3 Phase Voltage/Current Meter

CP-3V 3 Phase Voltage Meter     Programmable (Zero & Span) Display
CP-3A 3 Phase Current Meter

Price: $350.00                    


TRMS Voltage or Current
PT or CT rate free setting (0-999.9)
RS-485 Interface (Option)
Case 110 x 110mm
Overload - 3 x rated continuous
               10 x rated for 10 seconds


Display Red LED 0.4" high
Max. Display 4 Digits (9999)
Over Range Indication "o.L"
Conversion Rate 1/sec (AC)
Decimal Point Settable to any digit position by front sheet switch
Input Voltage 0-600V, Current 0-5A
Output RS-485 or RS-232 (Modbus) - Option
Accuracy (+ or -) 0.25% FS (+ or -) 1 digit (23 + or - 5 deg.C)
Operating Temp 0-60 deg.C/Below 80% RH
Storage Temp -10-70 deg C/Below 70% RH
Power Supply AC 90-260V, 50/60Hz
Option DC 24, 48, 120V (+ or -) 20%
Power Consumption Approx. 8VA
Dielectric Strength AC 1500V/1min (Input/Power)
Insulation Resistance More than 100M at 500VDC
Dimensions 110(W) x 110(H) x 140(D)mm

Note: * The CP-3A/3V can be supplied to accept 4-20ma d.c. inputs from
current transducers instead of 0-5 Amp AC signal from current transformers.

bulletAlso Available:

Model DM4-33A - 3 Phase Digital Ammeter w/2 SPDT relay outputs - Price: $ 550.00

Model DM4-33VA - Dual 3 Phase Voltage/Current Meter - Price: $ 550.00

CP500 Multi-Power Meter

  • Features

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Display of all the electric parameters V, A, W,
Var, VA, PF, Hz, WH, VarH ect.
True RMS conversion
Maximum function
Field programmable PT and CT ratio
Memory for all setup and energy data
DIN case 110 x 110mm


Specifications                       Price:  $ 950.00

Display Red LED 0.4" high
Over Range Indication "oL"
Conversion Rate 1/sec
Isolation Input/Output/Power/Case
Operating Temp 0~60 deg C/below 90% R.H.
Storage Temp -10~70 deg. C/below 80% R.H.
Temp. Coefficient + or - 0.1% F.S./ deg. C
CT, PT ratio 1~9999
Interface RS-485 (standard), or RS-232
Power Supply: AC 90~260V, 50/60Hz
Option DC 24 120V + or - 20%
Power Consumption Approx. 7VA
Dielectric Strength DIN-IEC688, AC 2.3KV/1min, between terminal
AC 2.8KV/1min, between terminal and case
Isolation Resistance DC 500V, 100M at above terminals
Dimensions 110(W) x 110(H) x 140(D)mm



Voltage V1, V2, V3, Neutral
(These are the 3Phase Voltage and Neutral
Range 600V (L-L) 347V (L-N)
Current 1S, 1L, 2S, 2L, 3S, 3L
(These are the 3phase currents)
Range 0~1A, 0~5A
Over load Voltage...750V continuous
(1.25 x rated continuous)
Current...3 x rated continuous
(10 x rated for 10sec)
Frequency 45~65Hz

RS-485 Interface

Address: 1~255
Baudrate: 19200, 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200
Protocol: Modbus RTU Mode

4 Digit Process Indicator

Low Cost, Programmable
Model DM-40D


Price:  $ 295.00

Input: 4-20ma, 0-10VDC, 1-5VDC from sensors or transducer, ideal for display of process variables such as
pressure, flow, level, etc.

Display: Programmable with pushbutton keys from (-) 9999 to (+) 9999 and selectable decimal point via pushbutton.
Set-up code - FSC- full scale reading, OFS - offset,
DEP -  Decimal point.

All units feature 0.56" LED displays, screw type terminals for power and signal connections .  Units are standard 1/8 DIN cutout (45 x 92mm).  Terminals are also provided for 24VDC output (30mm) to power 2-wire transmitters, active transducers or passive networks.

Standard power - 115V/230VAC 50/60Hz

Option: 12, 24, 48 or 120VDC (+ or -) 20%

Option:  Max, Min, hold function.

True RMS Voltage and Current Meters

Low Cost
Model DM-40A

The Temp, Inc. True RMS meters compute the true root-mean square value of complex signals. These meters are especially useful in monitoring voltage and current supplied to motors or heaters that are controlled by a SCR or other solid state control device with non-sinusoidal wave forms.

These meters are programmable for zero, span and decimal point from (-) 9999 ti (+) 9999.

Set-up Code -
FSC - Full Scale reading
OFS - Zero (offset)
DEP - Decimal point

Standard power: 115/230VAC 50/60Hz
Option: 12, 24, 48, 120VDC
Size: 1/8 DIN
Display: 0.56" LED

*Input - 0-5 Amps AC from standard C.T. or 0-600.0 volts AC (specify)

*Option - Max, Min Hold Function

Price: $295.00


Model DM4-33A


The DM4-33A with relay output is ideal for use with the Solid State Contactors to shut down the contactor on over current or phase unbalance (phase loss)  Price:  $ 550.00 each


Miniature Series AMLY
3 Phase Digital Voltmeter
w/fault protection

Digital display of 3 phase voltages (Single display with 3 second scan rate)


Voltage Range Model
160-300VAC AEVR-YL
277-519VAC AEVR-YH

bulletDigital Voltmeter includes digital display of fault detection.

bulletFault conditions: over/under voltage, phase loss, phase sequence, unbalanced voltage

bulletRelay output  250VAC@5Amps

bulletAvailable for 3 Phase 4 wire (277-519VAC)

bulletFault relay condition - manual or auto reset (selectable)

bulletSize: 3.46" x 2.28" x 3.86"  (HWD)


Auxilary Power Source 100-240VAC
Reset Time 1-5 Seconds
Display resolution (+ or -) 1%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Over/Under Voltage Adjustable delay 0.1 - 10 seconds

Price:  $ 195.00


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