Model 15A-2 Alarm Controller

The Model 15A-2 Alarm Controller Module operates either from a thermocouple RTD,
or other millivolt or milliamp input signal. The output is a 12
amp 120/240 VAC relay SPDT dry contacts. When used with
a thermocouple
, burnout and automatic cold junction
compensation are standard. The alarm unit consists of a temperature stable D.C. amplifier, a driver stage and power supply. The alarm/control point can be set either by means of a dial located on the top of the module or a remote dial w/6ft.Cord. Standard dial ranges are 0-400, 0-1000, 0-2000 degrees F/degrees C.


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The standard alarm will provide a contact closure when the temperature (or other input)
exceeds that set on the set point dial. The relay contacts (SPDT) are brought out to the
customer connection terminals to be used for operation of a remote control device i.e.
indicator light, annunciator, power relay, power relay coil, shunt trip/breaker, etc.
The standard alarm is furnished with a non-latching mode of operation, but it can
also be furnished as a latching alarm w/reset pushbutton either located on the top of the
unit or at the customer connection strip for remote reset pushbutton operation (N.C. contact).

In the non-latching mode of operation, the output relay contacts will automatically return
to the normal condition when the temperature drops back below the set point temperature.
In the latching mode, the output relay contacts will remain in the alarm condition even when
the operating temperature drops back below the set point temperature and must be reset by
depressing momentarily, the reset pushbutton. The pushbutton is either furnished on the module
or is connected to terminals provided on the customer connection strip for a remote pushbutton
supplied by the customer.


* Solid State
* Low Cost
* Remote or local potentiometer/dial
* w/or w/o LED Indication
* Cold Junction Compensation
* Open T.C. protection
* Thermocouple lead length not critical


# Input - thermocouple (specify type and range)
# Optional - RTD, 4-20 ma millivolts DC voltage
# Output - SPDT relay 12 amps 250 VAC
# Latching or non-latching operation w/local or remote pushbutton

Customer Connections

1. Connect 120 VAC 50, 60 Hz AC power to customer terminals labeled HOT-NEXT. (120 VAC)
2. Connect Type K Chrome-Alumel thermocouple to customer terminals labeled
3. Connect the heater load to the Normally Open (N.O.) Relay contact. This is customer connection labeled N.O. and C. relay contacts.

*Note: The N.O. contact is closed below control point wh the process is cold and will open to remove power from the heater when temperature exceed that set on the control temperature dial. The relay contacts are rated at 5 amps 120 VAC.

4. The remote set point dial is shipped with the cable connected to the customer terminal strip W(red), CW(white), and CCW(black)
5. The unit is shipped with a jumper across the remote reset terminals (this jumper must remain for normal controller operation).

The Model 15A-2 single point RTD alarm is designed to monitor Motor Winding Temperature by means of resistance temperature detector (RTD).

The monitor utilizes a 100 ohm at 0 degrees C. RTD sensor in the motor winding or end bearing surface. The RTD is connected to terminals labeled S0 and S2. The terminals labeled P1, P2, and P3 are not used for this application, ( these are used when the alarm set point potentiometer is mounted on a plate for remote mounting by customer ). The set point dial reads 0-200 degrees C. and is set at the temperature desired to protect the motor. When the temperature reaches the set or the dial, the relay will operate and the contacts at terminals C, N.C. and N.O. will transfer, i.e., the contact labeled N.C. will close, when the alarm set point is reached.
Also available for 10 ohm and 129 ohm RTD’S.

The Model 15A-2 Thermocouple Alarm is a low cost printed circuit module furnished with dust cover and provisions for either the alarm trip point adjustment on the unit or it can be located remotely with a separate dial and potentiometer. The input can be from any type thermocouple and the output is a 5 amp 120 VAC relay. Thermocouple burnout protection and automatic cold junction are standard features.

The alarm unit consists of a solid state integrated circuit and transformer isolated power supply. The alarm unit will provide contact transfer at the terminals labeled NC, NO, and C. The connection between NC and C will provide a normally closed contact and between NO and C will provide a normally open contact. The dead band between drop-in and drop-out of the relay contacts is approximately 75-100 microvolts.

The 15A-2 alarm can be used either as a non latching ( auto-reset ) type of alarm or a latching type of alarm, which must be reset with a NO pushbutton contact ( momentary contact ) which is connected to terminals labeled RESET ( N.O.). With the latching mode used, the alarm unit will remain in the alarm condition even though the thermocouple temperature drops back below that set on the alarm set point adjustment dial. A jumper must be placed between the reset terminals, if a non latching system is desired.

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